Saturday, April 01, 2017


Currently, I have several ongoing sewing projects. I intent not to start another one, unless I've finished at least two, better even three. And with finish I mean a ready quilt, not just the top.
My current Works in Progress in order of lenght I've been working on them:
- Double Stars (Jan2016)
I have 30 blocks finished and think that's about it. I have settled on this layout, so all I need to finish the top is to sew the blocks together.
- Postage Stamps (9 patches) (Sep 2016)
At the moment I'm just putting 9 patches together, using 2 inch scraps. I'm not decided on the layout yet, but I have time for that. There are only 47 blocks so far. This is my least 'urgent' quilt, just a filler whenever I'm in the mood.
- Blue HST (Dec 2016)
I'm almost done with the blocks I need: 106 out of 111. Though I still need to do all the edge blocks, so this will take a bit longer still.
- Selvedge Feathers (Feb 2017)
So far I have 19 feathers done, so there are a few more to go. Still undecided on the layout, though I start to grow fond of placing the feather simply in opposing rows.
Other than that, I still have two quilt tops finished that need to get ready for quilting. 

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