Thursday, November 01, 2018

Binding Books

I love books and I love to craft, so it was inevitable that at one point I'd try my hands on book binding.
First technique I've tried my hands on was the Japanese binding.
Fun technique and I certainly will try it again, but the disadvantage is the book doesn't lay flat once opened. I'm using it as a sketchbook, so no big problem, but something to keep in mind.
Next technique is the more classic coptic binding, were you sew your pages through the fold and then glue the back to secure it. For the cover I used the last of my Rome fabric.
Last book (for now) is a leather bound journal I've made as a little surprise for my role playing group. I had fun figuring out in which way to print the pages inside so they can be read in the proper order once they are bound.
 For the spine I used a cross stitch binding. I very, very much love it.
I do have a few more ideas, so those won't be the last books I'm binding ...

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বাউলা অন্তর said...

Excellent post. Lovely leather bound journal.