Monday, December 03, 2018

Boxy Bags and Books

I made two box bags (well, one is more of a pencilcase really, but the basic pattern is the same)
First bag is for holding my meds when I'm traveling. I used mostly white scraps and added a red cross in the last step. There is also a red cross on the other side of the bag. The starting fabric size is two times 20 x 20cm
The same pattern, but starting with 23 x 13cm gets this bag. Perfect size for pencils and other writing paraphenelia.
Next year's journal is covered in fabric. I saw a project like this on pinterest some time ago and put it on my 'have to make is one day' list. Finally, that day has come.
I made that travel journal for an upcoming trip. I used maps from an atlas I bought second hand to cover two pieces of cardboard.
The binding is a so-called accordion binding with six signatures (foldes stacks of paper). The advantage of this binding is that I still have room to add stuff to the book. The hinges and the closure is made with fake leather, which I did sew to the covers by hand.
Seriously, this is my favorite book binding project so far.

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