Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Things I Do ...

... for Atlantis (that is the TV show)

Finally, a new episode shows up, but what does my darling DVD player decide to do? Yep, no picture, only sound. Not the way I want to admire my favorite gate travellers.
I guess it's been pure spite because I've extended my DVD shelf and now got more space for new DVDs
So, I've bought a new one - a Philips. It was the only one in the store which could do DivX and could be switched to codefree. I thought it was interesting that the second information was written by hand on the sign - looks like I'm not the only one interesting in code freeness.

On an another note, I've managed to write quite a bit this weekend and finally finished the first big story since in forever. The story's title is 'Walk on the Wild Side' and it's a Thunderbirds story I've started about two years ago. I thought it was fun how the story developed in the last couple of pages. In the beginnig I had this big plan. Then I decided that there needed to be some changes, so I could inclue a bit more whumping, so I built up the villain and pushed the plot in a certain direction. And in the end, there was much less whumping and everybody goes home happily (that is, except the bad guy, of course)
I'll start on editing it now, then push it to Mac and see what she thinks. And then I can start posting :)

On the knitting front I've finished the big shawl project. warm and cozy it is :)

Here it's draped more or less elegantly over my new office chair. It's a simple feather and fan pattern and the wool is called Zoom.
Knitting wise I've moved back to finish a pair of socks, and on the stitching front, I've picked up the 'Northern Lights Sampler' which I've negleted for so long.

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Michelle said...

::siiiigh:: I wish I would just sit down and force myself to knit. That's a beautiful shawl.