Sunday, November 12, 2006

Voyages at Sea

Yeah, 'Voyages at Sea' is done. Took me quite a while, but it was my travel project and there were interuptions, so it wasn't too bad. I really like how it came out. Really nice.
I've also finished the big secret, which needs to to be a secret a little bit longer, but then I can show it of.
Well, big question is what to do next. I've got a second design from the same guy who did 'Voyages' as a kit, so this is a possibility, though probably not right now.
Then there's a couple of Teresa Wentzlers, but most of them are not very good travel projects as they need so many colors, so maybe something else.
Good chances are that I go for something from Dragon Dreams. I've got one designe ('Not Forgotten') pretty much kitted up (missing only the DMCs), so this is a good canditate.
Well, I'm sure I can find something, if I try hard enough (some voice inside of me it giggling like crazy)

...and there's still some knitting to be done.

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