Sunday, December 17, 2006

There's a Dragon in the Greenery

Last week I've linked to the new issue of Knitty and the cute little dragon that I found there. Well, here's what I've made of it. Not quite the same as the original, but still somehow cute. He's about half the size he should be, and the legs and the back ridge is bigger than it should be. And the tail is almost not there ...
Well, it was a first try and I'm sure to make another one.

Besides, I've decided to show an update on the Northern Lights Sampler

I'm about 2/3 done, I'd say. Currently I'm working on row 21. I've skipped row 17 for now, as I'll do all the beads in the end.
It's more or less my focus piece for home, that is if I'm not working on anything else - which happens a lot.

Yeah, I'm finally done with some Thunderbirds fic. First part is here. All in all there are 15 parts and if all goes well, I'll post one part per day.

And, new Atlantis. I've watched it already three times today and yesterday. "Tao of McKay"
Happy sigh.

One quote (of many possibles ... but I don't want to spoil too much)

McKay: …now is Sheppard still bugging you to let him use the ancient device to turn himself into some kind of superhero?
Weir: Oh Yes.
McKay: …despite the fact that the ancient database states that its effects on people are wildly unpredictable, and that I’m just lucky I wasn’t, er, instantly melted down into a pool of protoplasm?
Weir: Yes.
McKay: Well maybe, you should let him…
Weir: I think not.

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tkdchick said...

Wow your progress is awesome and your stitching looks fantastic!