Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sorry about the none-blogging of last week. I did borrow a Gamecube from a friend of mine, and now I spend far too much time with playing 'The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker '(and have loads of fun doing it too)

My stitching has suffer a little bit because of it (*gough, gough*), but at least I've still got a few pics to show from before the game hijacked me.

Latest update on King Tut
I've finshed that middle panel underneath his chin, which was all stitch with one strand of thread instead of two. I don't know why I hate to stitch single strand, but I do...
I'm still waiting for the gold cord - I've cancelled my first order, as I didn't hear anything from them for 3 weeks and they didn't reply on my first reminder, but it looks like the second order doesn't go that much better.

The two mini-kits I've did while I was in Japan:

As I've seen kiwis (admittingly only in the zoo) as well as penguins while I was in New Zealand this brought up some memories.

During my vacation I've had some visitors, so I did bake some cake (I love baking cake, but seldom have the opertunity)
The strawberry-rhubard cake before baking (I've left bit of the egg white cover off for the photo)

And after:

The original recipe is more for fall with grapes and apples, but I really like the taste of this (even though, after baking, the dough turned out to be a bit on the soggy side)

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stitcherw said...

Yup, some of those games can really get addictive as you try to figure out how to beat them. King Tut is looking good, the colors are so pretty. I don't like stitching with one strand either, it never seems to cover the way that I think it should and just feels funny. The two NZ projects turned out very cute. Hope they get your order straighted out and you get the cording soon,