Sunday, June 24, 2007

just a quick update

No photos this week - just didn't have anything new to take pictures of.

Medieval Tiles are making progress, though slowly.
No progress on King Tut (I packed him away a few weeks ago and haven taken him out since)
The package with the golden cord and the GAST threads for the two projects are on the way since last week. I hope it arrives before my vacation (it should ... normally it take 8 ~ 10 days for a package from the US). There's something in that package I need for a birthday present - the person in question had her birthday in May *sigh*. It would be nice to have everything together before I disappear on my vacation.

I did some booking for my Seattle / Alaska trip today. Hotel for one night in Seattle on the 10th (my flight to Ketchikan is on the 11st), rental car for a week in Seattle and such.

Yesterday I've had a Body Shop party at home - think Tupperware but with cosmetics. Was fun (we had foot bathes ...) and my friends bought a lot of stuff (and I got more rebates from this than I can - or want - to use)

Next weekend we'll help a friend to paint her old apartment as she's moving.

And, lo and behold, I'm still busy with Zelda - I guess I'm going to beat today, but only if I forego ironing .. well, I should have enough to wear in my wardrobe :)

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stitcherw said...

I hope your mail package gets there soon, it is so hard to have something fun coming in the mail and have to wait to get it. Your body shop party sounds like a lot of fun, I really like their stuff it smells wonderful.

Good luck getting everything organized for your trip, I hope you have a wonderful time. Good luck with beating Zelda,