Sunday, September 09, 2007

Exit from Tokyo

Home, sweet home!

Got back about 24hrs ago. So far, jet lag hasn't exactly hit me - there's always hope it doesn't, especially when I go West. Going East is much tougher - I had a nap attack (as in, I can't possibly keep my eyes open for another second) in the afternoon for the first two weeks I've been in Japan.

The customer was ... difficult, but all in all it went pretty well. Last night we went back to Tokyo and went for Shabu-Shabu, a kind of fondue with beef and vegatables.

Very yummy.

Afterwards was a first for me - we went to a hostess club (link to Wikipedia is provided here). Aimed clearly not at female business travellers (well, this one was), you go there and lovely young ladies are there to entertain you, dance with you. Nothing sexual - my hostess told me that they have bouncers that take care of customers who get too far (though what is too far is decided by the lady)

Next morning I had to go up early (ugh) but at least I had a nice view out of the window.

The tower is Tokyo Tower.
Hard to believe that it is actually taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I didn't stitch any on the 11 hours flight back, but back home, I've found some metalic thread I tried on the crest of the black work dragon. It's Kreinek 205C, the darkest gold I could find.

I think it works okay.

I've got some requests from the Needle and Threads BB to show my Green Dragon Bookmark. The original design is in red ('Red Dragon Bookmark' by Dracolair), but I had this greenish bit of fabric, so I decided to try a green variation.

I used following colors: 163, 500, 501, 561, 890, 3815, 3816 and 3817
Most in some form of mix, some alone.

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stitcherw said...

Glad your trip went well. Loved the dragon bookmark. I've seen the picture of it in red, but I like your green better, what a fun finish.