Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to survive in Japan

Second week in Japan is almost over - one more week to go (of course, the customer will be here Thursday / Friday, so this week will be tough)

One thing about Japan: if you don't like rice, you'll get hungry :)
(liking fish is also a good idea, but not required - there's plenty of chicken around)

Exibit A - hotel breakfast

From upper right in clockwise order: a raw egg, some little dried fish, Miso soup, some nori leaves, rice (lots of it), fried fish and some pickled veggies. Oh, and at 12 o'clock, a little bit of Natto (check it out at Wikipedia), which is probably the most veil thing, suposingly edible on the planet - the smell alone is gagging (some people do like it, but I, for once, didn't go by my old rule that I try everything at least once)

And, yeah, it's pretty much the same every morning. I lasted for about a week, then I switched to some fruit and jogurth in the morning.

Well, you can't accuse the Japanese that they don't like to experiment.
Ever heard of potato chip ice cream? And why is it blue?

(and, no, I didn't try any)

Oh, I do love my new lens. I gave it a bit of a work out today and I'm as happy as can be. Need to buy a larger camera bag though. I'm not looking forward to lugging two bags with me all the time. So I need something bigger, where I can put stuff other than then camera + lens in.

A self portrait for a change, while waiting for the cable train.

Cross stitch front: I've put the blackwork dragon aside for now (save it for the flight back) and started with Michael Powell's Mini Cottages IV (I did skip III as I don't like that too much, but have done I and II)
Can't wait for the wonder of the backstitch on this one - it's amazing on all the Michael Powell pieces. Brought a wronge color of yellow for the left roof - so will only be able to finish it when I'm back home.

I've started a Life Journal - blame the Transformer movie for it. And I got back to writing fanfic. Finished two (very short) stories so far, but posted only one (waiting for the beta on the other)
Here's the first one (Judy Witwicky and Bumblebee): The Unfairness of It All

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