Friday, February 08, 2008

Post 100

Just noticed that this is my 100th post :)
Go me!!!

Sorry, for not posting on Sunday. A) I was working on Sunday and came home at 9PM and was not in the mood to fire the computer up. B) nothing to show really, at least not at this point.

Well, after enjoying Monday / Tuesday off, I've managed to finish two projects and are, as of now, x-stitch project free (not ocunting the one UFO that lingers in the depth of my basket and I'm very doubtful about it ever being worked on again - what gave me the idea I should do a huge hunking project over one, I don't know)

Happy Dance no 1:

The pattern is 'It's All in the Eyes - Cats: Mr. Zachary' by Ronnie Rowe Designs. I've stitched it on a 40ct linen with one thread of DMC 310, so the stitches are really tiny. The eyes in the original pattern were yellow, but I liked the green better - more cat like, so to speak.
This was my travelling project. I thought it interesting how for the longest time you couldn't make anything out, and then *whomp* there was a cat.

Happy Dance no 2:

Calender Cats - July, by Margaret Sherry. A very cute and fun little in between stitch. I'm going to make this into a birthday card.
For some strange reasons it also feeds me Transformers obsession - black and white cat --> Barricade (though this is not any expression I would ever think to see on Cade's face) and a little Bumblebee as an added bonus.
As I said, strange obsession ....

So, nothing else to stitch, all WiPs finished. I'm freeeeeeee!!!

Maybe I could finally finish the two scarves and the one pair of socks I've got to do. Or give two single socks finally some partners.
Or start to put together everything for The Castle Sampler by TW. I've already decided on the fabric, so all I need is to pull out the threads.
Or start something totally different.
Sounds like a good plan to me :)

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stitcherw said...

Congratulations on your 100th post, and on both of your finishes. They look wonderful, and the All In The Eyes one is so unique.