Sunday, January 27, 2008

Long Live King Tut

Happy Dancing!!!

It took me a good year (with a couple of longer interuptions) to finish this one - and it has been worth every minute.

It was a kit by Lanarte "Tutankamum", design is by Joandoor.
I used the fabic in the kit (it's a printed fabric and it really adds to the piece) and all threads, except the metalic gold - I have no idea how the little that was in the kit should have been enough. I needed two spools of Kneinik 102 #4 braid, and there's not much left on the second spool. Of most of the colors there was plenty of thread left, though for a couple it was a bit tight. One color was missing when I got the kit (well, I got it half price in London, so no reason to complain), but a quick e-mail to Lanarte got me the DMC number I needed.

The week after next I'll see that I get a frame (I've got a long working week ahead of me, away from home, else I would be in the store tomorrow morning). From the very beginning it was slated to go to my guest room, as it has a bit of an Egyptian theme (well, honestly, it's more Stargate than Egyptian, but the colors are perfect)

If I ever come across Nefertiti in the same series in a sale (at least 25% off, prefered more) I'll get it too, but till then King Tut will be on his own.

Hah, best bit of finishing such a big piece (size is 39 x 49 cm - 15.5 x 19.3 inches - stitch count 209 x 230) is that now there's a new spot free on my schedule. I haven't decided yet, but best chance has the Castle Sampler by Teresa Wentzler. I need to check if I have a suitable fabric here. Though I'm not going to rush anything, and probably try to clean up a couple of other (much smaller) projects I've got in my basket. Maybe some knitting .... (wanders off to check my options)


Arthemise said...

That looks awesome. I've been much more fond of Egyptian stuff after watching Stargate (and honeymooning at the Luxor in Las Vegas).

I recently finished Castle Sampler, and it was a fun piece to stitch because I was in the mood for borders.

stitcherw said...

It looks gorgeous, congratulations on such a beautiful finish. A piece that size gives such a huge sense of accomplishment. I'll look forward to seeing what you pick up to work on next. Castle is a gorgeous piece too.