Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Finishes

It's done. The Lizard Ridge Afghan is finished and I'm in love.

What's not to love? Even though there was no way of knowing it, the colors work great together. Even the occational really odd color just fits in somehow. And there are plenty of odd colors in there.

For the edging I followed the instructions, and I love it as well. Aren't those little waves super cute? The wool is even the recommended one. I picked it up in San Francisco a couple of weeks back.
The afghan is also warm and cuddly and not too scratchy (I did wash and block the whole thing when it was still two half Lizards and a bit easier to handle)

It looks good on my deck chair

As I said, I'm in love.

And, I discovered that I really like knitting afghans and so I actually plan on the next one, the American Aran Afghan. In contrast, all in off white. I've got the pattern and already started working on one of the squares to see how I like it. Well, I do like it a lot and I will see about the wool next weekend. I've only have some 100% wool in the right weight and color at home, but in no way enough, and without a chance to get more as I picked it up on a whim a couple of years ago in Scottland. Besides, with the afghan in white, I want something a bit easier to wash.

Second finish is a short top named Bombshell from the book 'Big Girl Knits'.

I realize that the picture is a bit ugh.
I sort of like it (though not really super happy) and it wears like a dream (the material is a ribbon yarn bamboo cotton mix). I had to go down with the needle size by quite a bit to get the correct cauge even though the yarn should have been okay, and then I guess it all got a bit on the short side length wise. The ribbing looks much shorter than in the picture of the model and I had to extend the lower part by quite bit to have it cover my navel.

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