Friday, January 09, 2009


It's cold!
Very cold!
At least cold for here. They say it hasn't been that cold in 22 years (which might be, but then I do remember it being pretty cold two years ago)

The temp on the upper right side is the outside temperature (in Celcius) last Wednesday morning. I know, this is not even 0°F, but, hell, I think this is pretty, damn cold.
In some parts of Germany the temps dropped to below -25°C

On the other hand, the weather is sunny and together with the snow that came down on Monday, it makes for good photo opportunities.

I did go on a two hour hike today, and beside some cold legs (which is really my fault, as I can't for the life of me find my long johns) it was really nice.

I did start a new project and already have to show some good progress. The fabric arrived on Tuesday and I had some good stitching time the last two days.

Compared to the castle sampler, this is EASY. But still interesting enough to not being boring. There are a total of 32 houses (64 fields) all in all, so I've already got about 10% done.

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