Saturday, January 31, 2009


There's not much to show this week. I knitted half a pot holder (second to the one I've already showed last week) and one single block in the Sampler Game Board.
That's it.
Nothing else.

Reason for the lack of progress is a distraction in form of a book - or rather a book series.
It's been a while I've read a good book I could sink me teeth in (sorry about the really, really bad bun) let alone a whole series. Last book I've read where I was really looking forward to pick up every evening and read on was 'The Unexpected Apprentice' by Jody Lynn Nye (and I'm still debating with myself if I should pick up the hardback for the sequel in April or wait until the paperback is coming out)
I have my favorite authors (I love almost every single book from Mercedes Lackey) and, of course, I've loved all the Harry Potter books.
But it has been a long while (I guess since HP7 came out) that I was almost incapable to put a book down (just one more chapter...) and last night I was up and reading until 2 am.
The series in question is the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyers, the tale of Bella (human) and the vampire Edward she falls in love with (and he with her). Romantic, downright sappy in places and riddled with oh so many obstacles to their love. Corny.
And I can't stop myself from reading and wanting more.
I blame it all on my friend Petra, by the way, who took me to see the movie two weeks ago. It's all your fault!

Just to have at least one picture in here (and, oh is it hard to look at ;)) a shot of Edward and his family.

On another note, I plan on winning the 35 Million Euro jackpot this weekend.
Just so you know.

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Petra said...

I have you know, it is not really my fault. I didn't twist your arm to come with me to the movies. ;)