Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Starts and Old Ends

I finished one knitting project and started two new ones - at this rate I'll have too many projects eventually.


Juno Regina, a shawl I thought about doing for quite a while now. I made it wider than the pattern said because I wanted a wrap and not a shawl, and it worked out quite well. It was a fast and fairly easy knit, even though I realized later that I've made a mistake in the lace pattern on one end - I doubt anybody but me would ever notice, so I don't care.
The yarn is Trekking Hand Art, three hanks (about 280g in total). On of the hanks had much less of the lighter blue highlights and to hide that I knitted the middle bit of the wrap alternating 2 rows with one yarn and the other two with the other. I can't see the transition now.
Dimensions are (after blocking) 196 cm long and 49 cm wide.

A little bit more on the details of the lace:

First new start is a sock - easy, portable, in-between knitting. The yarn is rather splotchy, so any lace pattern would have been lost, instead I've got a bit of random cabling going.

Second start is a bit longer termed. It's a sleeve cover for my wii balance board. I'm using left over sock yarn (which I have a lot of) and an easy slip stitch pattern, which makes knitting taking twice as long as normally, but looks very lovely with the different yarns.
The plan is to knit a 50cm wide and 70cm long piece of fabric and then sew up the sides. I know, there are easier ways to do it, but I've got to use the left over sock yarn for something, right.
So far I've got less than 10cm - I mentioned slow going?

I've got a week worth of vacation next week, but will spend a lot of the time running around and preparing for my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary.

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