Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've always wanted to try and dye my yarn myself. Just to see how it turns out. My original plan was to take some of the cheapy, natural colored yarn I've bought last time Aldi had sock yarn on sale, use the Kool-Aid (natural food coloring) I've picked up for that purpose last time I was in the US and go for it.
The first problem I've soon discovered was that I didn't pick up any Kool Aid last time (of for that matter any time). I did pick up some Dye Rite instead. Well Dye Rite is more for cotton and I wanted to dye wool, but after searching the internet a little I've found that it does seem to work with wool as well, so I decided to give it a shot.

I took the two skeins of yarn, wrapped it into a hank and placed it into a glass dish.

Then I added water

The next steps have no pictures because I forgot to make them. Sorry.
I've had three colors: Teal, dark green and dark blue. I've mixed them up with water and just poured the dye over the wrung out yarn. After everything was saturated I placed the dish into my microwave and nuked it for a good ten minutes.
I've then tried to wash the superflues dye out, which took a long time (like ten times and still dye got out).
After drying it it looks sort of like this:
A bit more green than that really, but I seem to be unable to take a proper colored picture of the finished yarn.
All in all I'm quite happy and am looking forward to see how it knits up.

I've finished a scarf - Kernel using Noro Maiko.

Seriously lovely!!!

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Annie said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! You're done an outstanding job