Sunday, November 01, 2009

A few sizes smaller

One of my favorite yarn stores had a sale a couple of weeks back. I've managed to score a bit of yarn, though not enough to make myself a pullover, and not enough to make something fully in one color. The yarn, though, had a nice rustic look to it, and I really wanted to make a pullover for my nephew with it.
I decided to make the body in one color and the arms in another and just add a couple of green stripes to keep it interesting. I've got the measurements from my sister and then I started knitting.

I'm quite happy with the outcome, really. The interesting question now is: will it fit?
I already know the arms are too long (that's after I already did the arm again taking out a good 3 inches in length), but I guess my nephew always can fold the cuffs over.

There's still enough yarn left to make a hat and a scarf.

Next Sunday there's a chance to see if it fits, as my sister and her family make a stop at Frankfurt airport on there way from South Africa to Sweden.

I'll be flying to Florida the same day, so I have to be at the airport only a few hours earlier to meet them. My parents are going to pick me up and give me a lift.

I'll be in Florida for about a week on vacation. I've never been there, so I'm really looking forward to it. I hoped - and planned my fights accordingly - to catch a shuttle launch, but last Friday I've found out they moved the launch window out a couple of days to the same day I'm flying back home, so no luck there. Ah well, at least I've tried.

There will be no blog for the next two Sunday, as I'll be without computer on my trip.

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