Sunday, June 06, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle

After seven years of service, I've decided to retire my old home computer and get a new one. The last week of my vacation and this weekend I worked hard on breaking it in (without breaking it). I even managed to get my old printer working (with a different driver, but who cares? It does print). There is still some software missing - not every thing that worked with my XP software is working with the new Windows 7 version.

But I'm getting there.

One thing that's driving me crazy is that I can't cut and paste pictures here in my blog as I was used to. I make do, but it used to be easier. No idea what the problem is, but the good old Ctrl+X followed by Ctrl+V doesn't work. I think the problem is the Ctrl+V as the pictures disappear all right after the first step. But they never show up again ...

Anyway, what was I saying?
Ah, right. I made some jewlery.
This bracelet is knitted after stringing about a million beads (okay, maybe not a million - the instruction says 1,650) onto a stretchy cord. The knitting part is rather quick, the beading part not so much ...
The yellow/red/gold one is more of a test balloon and it turned out a bit on the wide-ish side for my wrist.
The blue one contains some larger facetted beads as well as some large hearts.

Over pentacost I finished one pair of socks - pattern is Sam from the book 'Sock Innovation' by Cookie A. The cables were slowing down my knitting speed to a crawl, but, luckily, the foot part is all stocking stitch and went much faster.

The second pair I finished just today are Lacy Scallops Socks. I'm not particularly fond of the picot edge, but don't hate it so much I'll be ripping it up. The rest of the socks I love. I even managed an almost perfect matching pair.

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