Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ever since I can remember, my parents (and, by extention, my sisters and I) meet with their friends from waaaaaaaaaay back (like when they had been with the Scouts) on the Pentecost weekend in a house they rent somewhere in Switzerland.

Over the years the houses got more luxerious, but other than that the meet up has not much changed over the year. There are trips to places nearby, hikes depending on the willingness and stamina of the hikers and on Sunday we have a picknick. There's also always a cheese fondue one evening *yummy*

I couldn't go for several years, either because I was away some place else on vacation, or I had to work. But, as my vacation plans this year fell through, and I didn't fly to the US after all, I asked if there was a spare bed.

Our house this year was at the North-East corner of the Lake Constance, just where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet up. The place is called 'Sonneblick' and we had one fantastic view over the lake and the surrounding land.

We had seriously perfect weather. Not a drop of rain all weekend and so much sun, I didn't get just one sunburn, but at least three (front, neck and left ankle)

On Monday we made a round trip first taking the post bus, then the train, then a ship and back up home by rack railway (I hope this translation is correct)
The train we took had open sides, which was brilliant and loads of fun.

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of the sheep grazing close to the house. Little yarn balls (okay, not much yarn on them right now, but it will grow back)

On my way back on Tuesday, I made a stop in Ulm, taking pictures in the M√ľnster. I was playing with the settings of my camera and am quite happy with the outcome.

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