Sunday, May 16, 2010

Needle and Thread

For a change I saw (sewed?) a little bit last week. My sewing machine is not the best in the world (okay, it was a super cheap one, so I shouldn't be too surprised), but I managed to beat it into submission to make that:

It's about 30cm long and perfect for one smallish knitting project.
The one above was actually the test run for the pattern. I've made another one, but forgot to take a picture before giving it away as a birthday present for a friend. It was the cutest cat pattern fabric and I've been looking forever for a pattern to make something from it.

I tested the usability of the bag for knitting projects on a lace scarf I knitted last week (test was very successful)

The shawl is made for a Japanese yarn called Ito Kinu and is 100% silk. I've bought it in a lovely little yarn shop here in Frankfurt called Maschen.Werke. I spent a delightful hour there last week talking with the owner and, naturally, leaving some of my money there in exchange for yarn.
The scarf pattern is from the book 'Victorian Lace Today' and I really enjoyed making it. The finished product is also very lovely.

Some finished socks

It's a pair and I'm wearing them right now. The yarn is some I've bought in Sweden in February.

I've also working on another pair of socks right now, which is the pattern 'Sam' from the CookieA book 'Sock Innovations'

I was already halfway down the foot, then I noticed that I crossed one cable the wrong way. This is one of those things nobody else would ever see, but I knew I couldn't live with it. So I ripped out quite a bit and am now back on the leg. I don't really mind - more knitting fun for the buck - but those cables are not really relaxed knitting, I tell you.

Finally, I've started with my next cardigan project, which is the Featherweight Cardigan from Hannah Fetting in Knit Picks Shadow.

Mostly nice, relaxing, mindless knitting.
A lot of it!

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