Sunday, May 02, 2010

Catching Up

I didn't update much on my projects lately, so today one big getting-up-to-date post.

My finished Mondo pullover. At one points it was finished, but I found the hip part was too wide, so I did rip everything up to just underneath the arms and knitted it again with some decreases instead of increases. I'm rather happy with it and did wear it twice already.

(I know, I'm looking crumpy in that picture, but it is not that easy to take a picture of yourself in a mirror without blocking up most of what you wanna show)

The required update on Queen Nefertiti:

I just hit the midway point (except, I haven't stitched any of the metallics yet, as I'm going to keep that for last), so I'm sort of halfway done, but not really.

Entralac mini-bags:
Those where the other stuff in the bucket when I've felted last week. Very, very happy with them and possibly will do more. They've been fun to knit and fun to felt.
Originally, I've made three, but one (in browns and white) has been given to a friend together with the last shawlett I've made (Traveling Woman)

And, finally, what I'm working on now - the Ditto cardigan:
Done on the body and one (short) arm.

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