Monday, January 10, 2011


Even though it got a bit warmer the last few days, I'm convinced the winter is not done yet. So I keep knitting warm stuf.

This is a neck warmer. The original pattern is for a wimple, meanig it's worn slipped up over the head, but I didn't want this. Instead I knitted it shorter than the pattern asked for, but did increases every fourth row between the lace pattern in the third (and last) repeat.

This makes the lower part flare out and settles it on the shoulder when wearing it.
I really like the effect here.
As I wanted it to fit snuggly I didn't block the lace. This adds some elasticity to the whole thing.
The yarn, Zitron Unisono, was one of those spontanious buys where you see something, think it's pretty, but have no clue what to make with it. This is about the fourth project I've tried for it and about the first one which doesn't totally suck.

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