Sunday, April 03, 2011

Break Out

Seemingly over night, summer has broken out here, pretty much skipping spring in the process. I feels like only last week it was freezing, and suddenly people left and right throw off their winter clothing and got out to the ice cafes to sit in the sun getting sun burned. You almost can watch how the leaves and the blossoms work their way out of their winter shell, dibbing the world in fresh colors of green, yellow and pink. Every bicyle in Germany has been pulled out of winter storage and people who haven't had any excercise in the last six month bike or jog or nordic walk through nature. Barbeques are pulled out and the smell of burned meat mixes with the scent of flowers. Yup, it's spring. On the knitting/weaving front, I've finished the retangular blue and red scarf. It's blocking in the other room, but I hope to get some pictures soon. I've started another pair of socks from 'Socken aus aller Welt'. This pattern is called 'Kieler Sprotte'. It's not that I think I'm going to need socks soon, but it's always good to have something small and portable on the needles. Finding other uses for sock yarn, I wove this scarf with various left over sock yarns in blue and green (more blue than green though). I'm not so happy with the drape of the scarf - even after washing, the material is somewhat stiff - but the colors are to die for.

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