Monday, November 28, 2011

Sock Month November

There's something about the cold, wet fogginess of November to promt a person to start knitting socks.

First pair is rather spring-y (as in the month spring) with colorful flowers on a green lawn. I bought the green yarn last year in Bagnang at the Ravelry meetup, but didn't find a suitable pattern for it until I came across this one here.Second pair is made from the prescious Wollmeise in the color 'Mon Cherie' (plus 'Natur' and a wee bit of 'Fliederbusch'). This pair was a birthday present for a dear friend. Lastly, another skein of yarn I've bought in Bagnang. It's Zauberglöckchen handdyed in the color o'yello. As the pair turned out a wee bit too small, I asked a friend if she liked it and she did.
If those colors don't chase the November blues away, I don't know.

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