Sunday, February 19, 2012


Knitting - like a lot of other things - is driven by 'things that are IN'
What I mean with that is that there are certain designers whose pattern are cast on by hundreds knitters all over the world the moment the pattern is available.
Stephen West comes to mind. Some of his patterns get more than 1000 projects on Ravelry. The wide shawl 'Daybreak' for example has currently 3257 projects (two of those are by me)
There must be about a million - well, okay, maybe not a million, but A LOT - Cookie A socks out there ('Monkey', the most popular, has right now 15.286! projects - that is a lot of socks)
Last year I made Elizabeth Zimmermann's 'Baby Surprise Jacket' (16.761 projects).
A fairly new star to the knitting world is Ysolda Teague - I have made at least two of her designs so far.

The latest fad I've followed is the pattern Color Affection by Veera Välimäki - at first the pattern was only available as a kit - you had to buy the yarn to get the pattern, but finally, this month, the pattern came out for download.
I had already picked my colors so I could cast on right away (only to change my color choice mid knitting). The yarn is Wollmeise Twin in the colors Neptun, junge Maus and Moses. In reality the blues are far more petrol than on this photo.

A simple, relaxing knit, with an unusal construction, I zipped through the whole thing in a little over a week.

I don't consider myself a follower of every new trend out there to knit - but somehow I end up quiet often with the in-patterns. Well, there must be a reason they're in, right?

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