Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ain't It Kool?

Dying wool with Kool-Aid is really, really easy (and, as it is using only approved food colors, it's also save)

I started with some Wollmeise Twin in the 'color' nature (aka undyed Wollmeise). I wound the yarn into five skeins of circa 20g each and put them in lukewarm water to soak for half an hour.

I used then a pickle jar and added about 200ml hot water (the marker is for me so I don't have to measure every time). Then I added the content of 1 package of KoolAid (here it's lemon lime)

In goes the yarn. I then placed the jar into my microwave and nuked it for about 2 min (if the water is clear the dye has all been absorbed by the yarn and it's basically finished)

I left the yarn in the water until it has cooled of, rinsed it and - voila - bright, colorful yarn.

From top to bottom:

- 1 pack of lemon lime
- 1 pack of blue berry
- 3 packs of grape (I did first one pack, but decided that it's too pale and repeated the process with two more - I think 1 more would has done it, too)
- 1 pack of cherry and then a second round with 1 pack dark cherry (the cherry alone was no different then the last skein)
- 1 pack tropical punch

The colors are bright and vivid and I'm looking forward to knitting something with them.

Only ... what to knit?

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