Saturday, March 10, 2012

On The Needles

Four projects in progress (though only three pictures - the socks, well, they are socks, nothing exciting or so)

Project A) A Crazy Patchwork Blanket.
I while ago I was suckered into buying acrylic yarn in 10 different colors. I'm no big fan of acrylic yarn, but, hey, it was cheap, so I actually bought some more, only to realize that if I want it out of my stash I have to do something with it one day.
Along comes this pattern from one of the blogs I follow.

This is maybe 15% into the project and currently I'm taking a break from it to knit ...

Project B)
This is the Castlegar Cardingan by Laure Chau in Wollmeise Twin 'Blaue Tinte'. It is knitted bottom-up and just yesterday I put everything on one needle (450 stitches) and started knitting the yoke.
This is good, fairly mindless knitting and I'm mostly working on it while watching 'Castle' on TV (I just bought the third season on DVD - love that show)
As this is sometimes mindnumbingly boring, I alternate with ...

Project C) Scrappy Yarn Pillow
I have a pile of leftover yarn in DKish weigth. I picked some colors I thought might harmonize, then cast on 200 stitches and make up the pattern as I go.
The size turns out ot be in the 43 ~ 45 cm width range. I gave it a bath (still on the needles) and blocked it lightly to see how much I still have to go. Answer is: not very much. So I've stopped for now and will see how the pillow fits (which, of course is a 'The Other Place' and not accessable until next Friday), then I will add a little bit more, just enough to sew in a zipper.

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