Monday, April 23, 2012

And Now For Something Different

My sewing machine and I have a love hate relationship.
I'm not sure what my sewing machine is thinking, but convincing it to sew a straight line with the upper and lower tension exactly as it should be is a tricky proposal.
But then, last week, it decided to cooperate and so I made two bags.

The first one (here in a not quite finished stage - the shoulder strap is missing) used scaps of fabric I had sitting around for ages. The dark brown on the right hand side is actually leftovers from a pillow I'm not using anymore. The heavily patterned farbic left of this and on the straps, I bought in Japan a long time ago.
For a test ballon to see if I can make this work, I'm actually quite happy, though next time I would re-think my color choices.

The second bag fills me with loads of happiness. It was fairly easy to make, and I love how it came out (especially as I totally made a mistake when I worked out the sizing). This bag also marks the first time I made a buttonhole with my sewing machine. The bag is already in use as a project bag, and it's absolutely perfect for it.

This was super fun to make and I have the feeling there will by more bags in the (hopefully near) future.

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