Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Great, it's Easter and I've got a cold. Nothing all winter and now it hits me.

Being the Lemming I am, I hopped (ey, cool, an Easter reverence ...) on the bandwagon for another project everybody else is knitting, and started a Nuvem from the lace yarn I picked up in Pfaffenhofen last weekend.
The Nuvem is basically a large hexagon shaped wrap that's knitted in the round.

And, in case knitting just plain stocking stitch is getting too boring, I also started on a pair of socks using some of the yarn I dyed two weeks ago.
Pattern is 'Drip Candle' and can be found in the book 'Think Outside the Sox'.
I'm using four different reds/purples I dyed plus some Wollmeise 'Brombeere'.

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