Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My sewing addiction is still going strong.

Exhibit 1: A patchwork project bag. I got a pack of 20 different fabric squares (2 each) and pulled out as many of the rose themed ones I could find. I then had 24 squares I patchworked to make one piece of fabric and the made the bag from it.
The bag has a good size for a somewhat larger project and was well received by a friend of mine as a birthdy present.
 Exhibit 2: The second finished project is a combination of not only my sewing addiction, but includes also the new Avengers movie, which I have seen three times so far. Not hard to figure out that I did like the movie a lot.
I thought about putting the Avengers Logo on a bag almost right away after watching the movie the first time, but couldn't find a bag pattern that would have worked. So in the end, I reverse engineered my current favorite hand bag (well, some of it at least) and got this:
It did cost me a couple of pricked fingers, two sewing needles and I even broke one of the needles on the machine.
I love it! I'm especially pleased on how the application for the logo turned out. Super easy, but very, very effective.
By the way, the bag is a dark blue, not black....

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allen's paradise said...

i love your bags, they are very cool and special