Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Large Projects

Within the last week I finished two larger projects.

First project is a Nuvem ('Wolke') made from Wollmeise Lace yarn in the color 'Nicole'. I used all but a small rest of maybe 2 gr from a large skein (they come normally in 300g skeins, but mine was slightly under weight). The finished shawl is big enough to wrap completely wround me so it's perfect for cooler summer nights.
I did change the border from the pattern, knitting 3 knit / 2 purl instead of all knit. This leads to a somewhat less ruffled border.

Second project is a smallish blanket (it turned out 135cm by 120cm, which is nice for a lapblanket). The original used thinner yarn, which would have made it even smaller (I think it's something like 90 by 90cm)
I used Lett Lopi for it and we had loads of fun picking out the right colors in my local yarn shop.
I used about 3 skeins each of the lighter colors and 4 of the darker ones. The border, which is knitted first outward, then inward to be sewed to the back of the blanket, uses up a lot of the yarn and I had to shop for more two times during the process of making it.
The border is also a bit on the biggish side, less stitches or smaller needles would have been better.
The little stray blue sheep was an idea I saw in another project for this blanket. I believe it lightens the whole thing up a little.

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