Sunday, June 10, 2012

Odds and Ends

My vacation is coming to an end (sigh) and now a couple of things I've made in the last two weeks, but haven't blogged about.

I've made elder flowers gelée. I picked some of the flowers, then steept them in apple juice for 24hrs. I then cooked the resulting liquid with jam suger. To one half of the batch I added orange juice, the other half I left as is.
 Not having enough of the cooking I also made strawberry syrup (basically a watered down strawberry gelée). A spoon full of it to a glass of water and maybe some ice and lemon, and, voilá, you have a lovely refreshing drink. A little 250ml bottle of it goes a pretty long way.
I made a small neckless (presented here on some estonian lace I'm knitting right now). Not very good to see in the picture, but it's a collier of three steel wires.
And finally (well at least here) I used my new sewing machine (which I inhereted from my sister - thanks - and was brought over from Sweden by my parents - thanks again) to sew another project bag, using the left overs from my April project.

Other than the trip to the zoo in Stuttgard, I pretty much stayed at home in my vacation. I had about a million things on my to-do list and managed to tick of quite a few of them. I finally managed to go see the King Tutanchamun exhibition in Frankfurt (before it closes), saw two movies ('Man In Black 3' and 'Snowwhite and the Huntsman'), went shopping, fixed a couple of things around the appartment, and had a good time.

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