Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost Finished and Finished

I finished the stitching on the Delightful Dragon Scissor Fob. Seems like I'm getting too old for this shit, or that it's about time I'm getting reading glasses. I still managed though sometimes, especially in the evening, I had trouble focusing on all those super tiny stitches.

I need to do the sewing part still.

I also finished knitting the New Wave cardigan in Wollmeise Twin 'Blaue Tinte'. Of course it's now far too hot to wear it...

 Some detail of the collar.
I did recycle the yarn from another project where I was not happy with the outcome. This one, I'm much more happy with.

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Melissa G. said...

What a gorgeous scissor fob design! I haven't seen this one elsewhere, love yours!!! Congrats on finishing your cardigan too - I'm so in awe of hand-knit clothing. :)