Monday, July 09, 2012


In engineering RTFM stands for Read The F***ing Manual, also known as: "if you're trying to do something, it might a good idea to read the instructions first".

The same can be said for cross stitching.
Because, if the instructions say to stitch something over 1 (thread, that is), you shouldn't stitch it over 2 (threads).
Else, you get this:
 If, actually, you should have this:

By the way, this is the same fabric. The motive is just half the size. Which is a good size for a scissor fob. Which the over-2 clearly is not.
Ah, pattern: Teresa Wentzler's 'Delightful Dragon Fob'
And, yes, I know, the over-1 one is not ready yet. Have patience.

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