Sunday, April 14, 2013

Making Stars

When I make the stars for the 'Oh My Stars!' quilt, I usually make them in groups.
One 3 1/4" stripe of the white fabric makes for 8 of the small stars, with a 5 1/4" stripe I'm getting enough for 6 middle sized stars and a 7 1/4" wide stripe is good for at least 3 large stars. So, instead of making one star at the time, I'm making 8, 6 or 3 stars in one go.

This is all the material I need for 8 small stars:
I mark the smaller of the blue fabrics on the back side and pin them to the larger of the white squares.
 After sewing along the marked lines, I cut between the two seams. I now have 16 triangles.
 I iron them open and attach the remaining blue squares.
After sewing those, I cut again between the seems, iron them flat and trim them to the correct size (1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in case of the small stars).
In the end all that remains is to sew on the smaller white squares for the corners and the other pieces to the center part and, voilá, 8 stars are done.
Current status: 50 stars are done (large: 4, middle: 15, small 31). Only 61 more to go ....

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