Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leipzig and Castle Colditz

The old town hall of Leipzig was flagged with signs for the Bachfestival that took place this weekend.
The 'Auerbachs Keller' is the second oldest restaurant/pub in Leipzig and even Goethe has been known to frequent it while studying in Leipzig.
I was pretty impressed by this graffiti (this is actually only about a quarter of the full size of it)

On my way back to Dresden I made a little detour to Castle Colditz. The castle itself has been around for 700 ~ 800 years, but it became most famous for being a prisoner-of-war camp of officers of the allied forces during WWII. Supposingly escape-proof, 31 prisoners actually managed a 'Home-Run' (though most escape attempts were foiled)
Today, it houses a youth hostel and also a small museum which shows some of the truely inginious things the prisoners came up with is order to excape.

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