Thursday, June 06, 2013

Quilting Cruise

As I mentioned in my last post, we didn't just go on a cruise, we went on a Quilting Cruise. (*fanfar sounding*!!!)
At our two sea days, we had classes in the on board conference center. Thanks to Pfaff (and Tom and Ian) we had 56 sewing machines set up and Ros and Judy were our teachers.
We started simple with the typical Nordic Eight Pointed Star pattern. It was up to us which technique we used, so I decided to do reverse applique, which I hadn't tried before. I later added the triangles in the corners, sewing them on by hand. I'm not sure at the moment into what to finish this, so it stands like it is for now.
The second class we had was for the New York Beauty Block in Foundation Piecing. I made the basic block first (on the right), then added the little bit more advanced one (on the left)
This has been super fun, and I'm thinking about doing something else in that technique in the near future.
During the week, we had also a few things going on in the evenings, one of them making this pin cushion out of hexagons with the English Paper Piecing method. I finished it at home and stuffed it with scraps too small to use for anything else. It's already been in use.
On the last day we finally had something to really use the machines that had been set up for us. We appliqued this landscape (I made a few mistakes there, but well, it was more for praxis, right) then I went a bit wild on all the stitch pattern the machines had to offer. I especially like the little fishes.
Final class was on Bargello. I did something, but currently I am thinking on making what I have into a little bag, so I'll show you that sometimes later.

I had a lot of fun trying out all those new techniques and certainly found inspiration for new things to do. I would do this again, anytime, anywhere.

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