Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Big Sandwich

My 'Oh My Stars!' quilt has reached the actually quilting stage.
For connecting the three layers (backing, wadding and quilt top) I used a adhisive spray, but to be on the save side I also stitched the three layers loosely together.
Now, for the actual quilting bit, I plan on sewing along all the star outlines. As this is not very practical to do on the machine, I will quilt by hand. I started with the star in the middle and will make my way outward in spirals (more or less).
The first star was pretty painful to make, as all this fabric is constantly getting in the way, so I'm thinking on some more optimal ways to make it a bit easier. Thanks to the internet I found some cheap options that might work, so I'll give you an update as soon as I tested those.

I also made a new shopping bag. I always have a bag or two in my car. Most of the bags I have were some freebies I got at one point or another, which means I'm currently advertising for a beauty shop and for a national energy company. The first one I don't mind, but the second one is about to be replaced with this:
No pattern, simply making two rectangles and connecting them to a stripe of fabric on three of the sides. Repeat that step for the lining (which also got a simple pocket on one side). Sew those two bits together on the top and adding the shoulder strap in the process.
The bag is about 13 x 15 inches (39 x 33 cm) big.

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