Sunday, September 01, 2013


Steffi, a member of our little group here - and a very good friend to boot - is moving away. Which we all think is very sad.
In order for her to remember us (and to keep her warm in winter - for, well, she is one easy to get cold) we pooled together and knitted her a blanket.
The five of us who took part in the project, each knitted a strip 30cm wide and 130cm long. Then we had a sewing together party (which was actually pretty fun - 4 or us sitting around a table and trying to put the whole thing together without getting in each others way). Then we added a crochet border and yesterday we presented the blanket to her.

While we knitted the stripes we left a space were each of us stitched her name.
Out came a nice blanket, which I hope will remind Steffi of us, far away from us.
BTW, S.A.D. stands for Steffis AbschiedesDecke (Steffi's Goodbye Blanket)

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