Sunday, August 25, 2013


Dresden opened this weekend the Waldschlößchenbrücke for the public (and on Monday for traffic) and they had a big party to go with the grand opening.
There had been a lot of controvery, with a public vote if the bridge should be built or not (the vote was 67.9% pro); discussions on how to protect the hoseshoe bat, which may of may not be disturbed by the traffic on the bridge, and finally did cost the Dresden Elbevalley the world heritage title (Dresden was de-listed 2007 because of this project).
I decided to stay for the weekend to join the party and watch the fireworks. It seems that Dresden just can't celebrate something without having a big firework and according to the interweb one was planned for 10pm on Saturday. As I live closeby, a friend that had come to visit and I decided to wait until 9:45pm and then go to watch the show.
But at 9:30 we already heard some explosions in the distance and saw colorful lights (basically we could see that some kind of fireworks was going on, but not the fireworks itself). We grabbed our stuff and saw maybe the last three minutes of it. Very disappointing *sigh*
When we checked out the bridge, all was quite. Very quite.
At least the next morning, the picture was very different. There were tousands of people who took a change to walk across the Elbe and back.
And, of course, so did we. On the other side, there was food and displays by the fire brigade, the public transportation system in Dresden, Newspapers and so on. Bands were playing and a group was walking around on stilts.

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