Sunday, August 18, 2013

Backsides and Butterflies

For the backside of my 'Oh My Stars!" blanket I've had bought about 3.2m of blue fabric in the assumption that this would be enough. Well, as I turned out, it wasn't, so I had to improvise a little and added some stripes of white at one side.
As I also wasn't super happy with the shade of blue, I decided to dye the backside, binding of some bits of the fabric with rubber bands beforehand. I threw it into the washing machine with a pack of blue color and hoped for the best.
Though I got some pretty circles, the difference in color is not that big (rubber bands worked quite well, but the bits where I used some string didn't work out at all). I knew this would happen from the start, and already bought a second, darker shade op blue for the second round. So there will be a second dying cycle next week when I have a bit of time.

I also did a bit of decoration in my living room where I always had an empty area of sky blue wall. I found the butterflies at Ikea and knew that this was it. I really love my swarm of butterflies.

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Debbie Mitchell said...

I love the blue and I really love the butterflies!!