Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas Cookies 2013

This year I told anybody who asked I wouldn't make any Christmas cookies. Last year I made more than 4 1/5 kilos and even though they were very nice, this was really over the top.
Hence my decision not to make any.
But then I came across this adorable little cookie stamp and as I had to buy it, I also had to make cookies with it.
I used the recipe for Heidesand for this (one of my all time favoriete recipes) and am very pleased how they turned out. They look super cute, have a nice, crispy texture and taste sweet and buttery.
Last week my mom asked if I could get some marzipan as their store had run out. I bought more than I thought she might need and took the rest home with me and made Bethmännchen (a speciality from around Frankfurt)
 So much for not making any cookies this year ...

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