Sunday, December 01, 2013

Design Wall

Yeah, I'm going all fancy with my quilting. Not only has it taken over the spare room / guest room in my apartment, no, I now also have a design wall.
And I have to say, this is very useful for the whole quilting process.
Case in point, a quilt, which would have driven my mad if I hadn't had the wall (which is just two boards of styropor glued together on one side and then covered with white fabric)
Thanks to the wall, I managed to catch a couple of mistakes before they would have been a real problem. I'm sure I've made much less mistakes to begin with.
 The current project is a paper pieced pair of swans from 'Burda Patchwork - Quilts & Applizieren Sommer 2013'.
So far, there's only the left swan. But the wall helps with keeping track (and can be used to store some of the scrap stripes I'm using)

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