Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversery

Yesterday was the 50th anniversery of the british TV SciFi show 'Doctor Who'. Being a bit of a SciFi geek, and having friends who are in the same boat as I am, I knew of course about Doctor Who for quite a while, even though it had not been on German TV until a few years ago.
To celebrate the anniversery, the BBC did something I've never heard of before, which is they showed the 3D anniversery special ('The Day Of The Doctor') in cinemas all over the world simultaniously (the largest simulcast of a TV drama ever).
So yesterday, at the same time the UK got ready to watch the show, I was gathering with a whole bunch of fans in a movie theater in Frankfurt, waiting for the show to begin.
This is a large room and it was practically sold out.
Some came in costumes, so that was pretty cool too.
And the anniversary episode was really great and the only 'complaint' I've heard was that somebody said it was too short.
I do agree very much.

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Karen Henninger said...

I loved your blog, that is my sister and I dressed up for the occasion. Pity not more fans came in costume. :)