Monday, April 21, 2014

Plus Quilt

My oldest nephew turned 18 in February. He had mentioned a few times that the old quilt my sister had made for him years back, was too small for him (the young man is close to 1,85m by now) so I decided for his birthday he deserved a new, bigger quilt.
The quilt started out with several black and white farbics I picked up in Canada and US, plus a nice shade of bluish turquoise. The original idea of a 'disappearing 9-patch' pattern didn't work out, as it was way too busy, so I added some more greens and blues in solid and decided to go for a 'Plus' quilt.
My design wall helped tremdeously in laying out the pattern and also in keeping track of which square was to be sewn to which other square. There are 15 x 18 squares, plus the border, and the quilt ended up 175 x 205 cm.
On the back side I used three of the patches I've already made before I decided it was a bad idea, plus a whole bunch of scraps and left overs.
 Quilting itself was straight lines just left and right of each seam.
The finished quilt has been handed over yesterday, and I think it was well received.
(And thanks to Michael for helping with the modeling)

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