Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Knitter's Way to Dye Easter Eggs

It's the time of the year again where one is thinking about the way to prepare the Easter meal for the family. But it's also about Easterly decorations. And being a knitter, I just couldn't go and do it the normal way. So instead of dying Easter eggs directly, I dyed the yarn and knitted around an (plastic) egg.
For the yarn dying I used the same method I used in March 2012 (blog post is here)
I measured out the right amount of yarn for three eggs (it's a bit more than 4 gramms - or twice the length from my storage chamber door to my sewing room door). Then I picked three flavours: Lemon Lime (green), Ice Blue Rasberry (light blue) and Cherry (red)
 I put the yarn into a small jar with 100ml of water and put it into the microwave for about 2 min or until all the color was drained from the water.
 After drying the yarn and knitting, the eggs has the perfect Easter Egg colours. The colours are a bit more intense than last time I did it, as I used less yarn and also less water.
 The whole process of the egg knitting is quite addictive and I ended up using quite a few scraps of wollmeise yarn I still have sitting around.

From the top clockwise they are:
- Sonne (sun)
- Campari
- Kool-Aid Cherry
- Sultan
- Pfefferminz Prinz (peppermint prince)
- Kool-Aid Ice Blue Raspberry
- Wolke (cloud)
- Fliederbusch
- Chim Chim Chimney
- No Wahle Watching in Colorado
- Gewitterhimmel (Storm sky) plus Limone
- Tiefer See (deep sea)
- Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime
- Limone
- Küken (chick)

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Sehr hübschig :)
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