Sunday, March 08, 2015

Cathedral Window

One thing I really enjoy when patchworking is to try new techniques. Not neccessary because I have a great plan or a finished object in mind, but just because this technique looks interesting and I want to try it.
Case in point: the cathedral window. I followed a tutorial on Moda Bake and this worked pretty well. Astonishing how much of the white fabric is used, really, considering how little is seen in the end (it basically lays four layers deep)
 It was super fun to make, though if I should do it again, I will find a different way to fix the inner fabric as in the ends the points there look pretty crappy:
For this project I ccould still hide those corners by making fabric covered buttons and sew them into each joint. And what I also don't like is that you don't have extra fabric on the outside to attach the borders to and you have to sew over the points of the windows. not sure how to fix this though ....

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