Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Cookies 2015

It's this season again and so, naturally, I've made a batch of cookies like every year.
No real surprises this year. I've basically just made my standards plus one test run of Spekulatius (speculoos)
I never can quite remember which exact recipe I use for the 'Gebabbte', so for next year to remember: Friesenringe (meine Familie & ich 12/2011)
 My dad loves them as they contain jam (you stick two parts together with jam), but I'd think they would be just fine, only the top parts.
Group picture:
 From top clockwise:
- Orangen-Spekulatius (I used my cookie stamp, but you can barely make out the little cookie man)
- Walnusskonfekt (favorite of my mom ... and my brother in law)
- Gebabbte (most of those will go to my dad)
- Ingwer Heidesand (used a slightly different recipe than normally, but I think it turned out good - also, only half a batch. From the last time, I pretty much had some left in April)
Center left:
- Zimtsterne (used some of the left over walnuts from the Walnusskonfekt. Maybe not such a great idea, as they are more fatty than almonds. The dough was somehow not 100% right)
- Orangenstäbchen (basically candied orange peel covered in chocolate)

I think that's enough calories for this year.

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