Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Sewing Room

I used to have a guest room. The room had a bed couch, a dresser and some stuff that somehow ended up there and never left.
Over the last two years the guest room turned into a sewing room. One day the bed couch left (guest can sleep on the inflatable bed, right?), the content of the dresser was replaced by fabric and fabric related stuff, and eventually I moved the IKEA shelf and the table from the Dresden apartment in.
The transformation is now complete.

I'm currently quilting a large quilt for my nephew, but to get something finished quickly (once in a while I need the satisfaction of a finished project - even my knitting stuff is currently mostly long term) I made another x-mas table runner.
It's the same princible as the one I made in July, but bigger, with more fancy fabrics (I picked 8 matching fat eights at the Kreative Messe in Frankfurt beginning of the month), and wonky stars.
I machine quilted the runner with straight lines in the ditch, and hand quilted around the stars with golden thread. It ended up as 150 cm x 40 cm, which is way too big for my dining table. But then I already know where it's going to end up.

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